00018 Wind Pavilion, Brighton, 2020        0017 Cyprus Pavilion, 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, Venice, 2020        0016 A Tapestry for Malmi Park, Helsinki, 2020        0015 Angler’s Hut, Winnipeg, 2020        0014 University Campus for Human Rights, Vienna, 2020        0013 Salina Archipelago Park, Larnaca, 2020        0012 Play, Walk, March: Power Walks!, London, 2020        0011 To The Singing Whale, Falkland Islands, 2020        0010 Hou Gou Fondue, Vevey, 2019        0009 Fragments of Waltham Forest, London, 2019        0008 LFA Roly Poly, London, 2019        0007 Wanderoll, Bang Lamung, 2019        0006 Pixelboom, London, 2019       0005 Floating Cinema, London, 2019        0004 Crossroads, Milton Keynes, 2019        0003 Bench It, London, 2019        0002 Anteberg, London, 2019.      0001 Free Play, London, 2019

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Urban Radicals is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the idea of collaboration with other practices, disciplines, and individuals to deliver community focused projects through alternative forms of funding. It was founded and registered as a CIC in 2019.

The studio functions as a collective intelligence. It examines the notion of community from a variety of perspectives including culture, politics, economy, geography, ecology, social aspects and architecture. We believe that by truly working across disciplines and through the broad skill-set and distinct perspectives of our expansive team we are able to generate rich projects rooted in place and context.

– Nasios Varnavas, Era Savvides 2019


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