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To the Singing Whale takes the form of a large sculptural piece, an acoustic chamber, which sits on top of a re-landscaped area around the Grytviken Whaling station, in the Falkand Islands. The piece stems from the surrounding context material palette and reinterprets forms already existing on the site.

A metaphor of the ocean and the singing whale composed through the spatial relationships of the sloping base plinth and the sculptural chamber above. The chamber is a space of reflection, acting act as a wind instrument filtering and transforming sounds to remember the fallen whales and to connect with a song of resonance and frequencies which trigger our senses to remember, contemplate and celebrate the whale. Sound, light and shadow will filter through the structure to beautifully animate the internal space.

To the Singing Whale, Falkland Islands, 2020          
Programme: Grytviken Whaling Station, South Georgia 

Longlisted amongst 150 entries for the SGHT cultural heritage programme commission.

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