0013 Salina Park, Larnaca, 2020        0012 Play, Walk, March: An Imaginary Tapestry for London, London, 2020        0011 To The Singing Whale, Falkland Islands, 2020        0010 Hou Gou Fondue, Vevey, 2019        0009 Fragments of Waltham Forest, London, 2019        0008 LFA Roly Poly, London, 2019        0007 Wanderoll, Bang Lamung, 2019        0006 Pixelboom, London, 2019       0005 Floating Cinema, London, 2019        0004 Crossroads, Milton Keynes, 2019        0003 Bench It, London, 2019        0002 Anteberg, London, 2019.      0001 Free Play, London, 2018
A testing ground;
A heterogeneous condition;
A place of mixed identity;
A place to mix culture;
A place to generate ‘new’ culture;
A place to export culture.
Our table is an island,
an opaque gyre you’ll see in the distance.
It’s made of hot boiling water – its territory expands and contracts smells of boiling broth in the surrounding space.
Our island is 70 percent chinese and 30 percent swiss,
But can one measure identities with percentages?
If one can give it an identity at all.

What if a Chinatown island emerged from within the pure pools of the Swiss territory in 1990 AD. How would the Chinese hot pot, a Beijing or Chongqing style fuse with the local cheese fondue traditions? What is the result of this cross pollination and what are the gastronomic offsprings of such a combination? What would the cutlery look like, the containers, how would the table shape itself and how in turn would it shape the mannerisms and social interactions of the Swiss public?

Our speculations brewed and cooked into a circular diagram, where the Lazy Suzan sits as a protagonist, a pivot point covered with raw ingredients to be dipped into a 2.4m diameter table/basin of heated boiling broth, where cheese fondue pots slowly cook in a bain-marie. 

Hou Gou Fondue, Vevey, 2019           
Programme: Food Culture Days Biennale
Collaborators:  Lemonot, Alberto Gramigni

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