0011 Play, Walk, March: An Imaginary Tapestry for London, London, 2020        0010 To The Singing Whale, Falkland Islands, 2020        0009 Hou Gou Fondue, Vevey, 2019        0008 Fragments of Waltham Forest, London, 2019        0007 LFA Roly Poly, London, 2019        0006 Wanderoll, Bang Lamung, 2019        0005 Pixelboom, London, 2019       0004 Floating Cinema, London, 2019        0003 Crossroads, Milton Keynes, 2019        0002 Bench It, London, 2019        0001 Anteberg, London, 2019 
Vitrine proposal for the design of a 20m long building facade at New Covent Garden Market.  
The design was proposed as part of the annual commission funded by VINCI St Modwen for art festival Art Night, looking to celebrate the flower market while providing an attractive facade to the neighbours, local community, customers and visitors of Nine Elms.

Pixelboom, London, 2019           
Programme: New Covent Garden Market Vitrine 

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