A floating cinema, a glowing lantern commemorating the Mayflower 400 whilst providing an opportunity for the local residents to experience the notion of pilgrimage and River Thames.

The project creates a physical space [a floating intervention] along the river at the Greenland Dock in Rotherhithe - a lesser known but beautiful part of south-east London by the Greenland Surrey Quays Thames clipper station.

Stemming from the heart of Rotherhithe community, the floating cinema will become an annex stage for small summer events and film. The aim is to activate this part of the river while strengthening the local community as well as attracting a wider audience of cinephiles and people interested in the arts from Southwark and Greater London.

Floating Cinema aims to bring the Rotherhithe community together regardless of age, language, profession or experience; by simply coming together on a warm summer evening to watch a film by the river, in the Marina.

A space for film, a garden allontment, some seating space and a small cafe/bar will become the main elements of this project.

Urban Radicals will collaborate with invited curators for a focused film thematic running 2 days per week as part of the Mayflower 400 celebrations. The platform will be made available free of charge, 5 days per week, to community focused organisations and local groups to co-ordinate screenings and events in support of their 2020 summer activities.
Floating Cinema, London, 2019           
Greenland Dock, Rotherhithe, London SE16 6SZ
Duration: 01 June 2020 ︎ 31 August 2020
Budget: £108,917

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